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YouCam Perfect V5.88.5 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

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Reasons for recommendation

This is a photo editing app that, in addition to basic beautification functions, can also help you get a perfect figure. You can also add animation effects to photos to get vibrant photos.

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Application introduction

YouCam Perfect is a powerful one-stop photo editing APP and selfie camera. The app has many features and photo editing options (especially selfies) to perfectly improve the quality of your photos, from your face to your body to your surroundings. This app is sure to please you!

YouCam Perfect

Introduce about YouCam Perfect

Make your photos even more stunning with YouCam Perfect!

The selfie camera app that many people use may be good enough for them, but is it really enough? The answer is definitely no, because they definitely haven’t found a better app.

YouCam Perfect

Just the wrong lighting, lashes that aren’t thick, or a shooting angle that doesn’t highlight the sharp lines of your face can all result in an imperfect photo. To make everything truly perfect, down to every little detail or element, you will need a versatile photo editing app, especially one that can take selfies, look no further than YouCam Perfect .

When using the app, open the camera, pose and press the photo button, and you’ll get a adorable selfie, it’s that simple.

Its beauty kit is full of content. Just one touch can whiten your teeth, smooth your skin, reshape your face, and remove acne, so your beauty can be taken to a higher level.

YouCam Perfect

Functions of YouCam Perfect

Perfect figure in every photo

Everyone wants to have a slim waist and long legs. Although our figure may not be 100% perfect from the outside, there are many exercises to lose weight and burn fat, which is very tiring. But in photos we can easily get an attractive and good figure.

The Body Tuner & Blur kit in YouCam Perfect will help you get in shape early, which means you’ll have a beautiful, slim figure in photos before you even work out, which is weight loss success in another sense.

YouCam Perfect

This kit will first help you achieve a very natural looking ant waist without ruining the background and composition around the character. Just touch the screen, select the curvature and apply it to the position of your waist, and you will instantly have a perfect waist curve.

You can also edit for a larger bust, or add collarbones or even abs. Enlarge the image and take a closer look. Having a body as beautiful as a super model is no longer a dream.

YouCam Perfect

Collage, additional frames, and a variety of stylish effects

Just select the photos you want to combine along with the template and the number of photos you want, and you’ll have a great-looking collage in no time. If you don’t want to use the templates that come with the app, you can make your own by setting the number of rows, columns, and background. Either way is great and saves you time.

The filters and effects in YouCam Perfect are also very impressive. There are dozens of image effects and filters, with more to be added in the future. Apply your favorite filters and effects and you’ll have an beautiful photo without having to edit it in another app.

YouCam Perfect

There are also hundreds of different border templates to choose from that will make your photos to look like they’re in a frame.

Efficiently remove, change backgrounds and remove objects

If you are not satisfied with the background in your photo, or don’t like the unwanted objects, then you can fix this problem with YouCam Perfect’s Background Eraser and Object Eraser tools. These operations do not affect the background layer.

YouCam Perfect

Add unique animation effects to images

YouCam Perfect also offers many animations that you can freely add to your images to make your still photos more vivian.

YouCam Perfect

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