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Yubo V4.95.2 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

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Yubo is a app that allows you to video chat with other users in real time and make friends,it offers some mini-games to help you find friends who are compatible with your soul.

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Application introduction

Yubo is a chat application that combines social networking platforms to facilitate real-time and real interactions between users, allowing you to meet new people online through live broadcasts and interactions, all based on your interests.

Introduce about Yubo

A social networking platform dedicated to streaming for people who like to make friends!

What is Yubo?

It is a place where you can interact and chat with many energetic young people from all over the world, mainly thanks to the app’s live streaming and real interaction platform, allowing you to fulfill your desire to make friends through the Internet. This app is a social platform with its own community. Its main purpose is to help you find friends and make friends.

Every function and interface of Yubo is very simple and user-friendly, which helps you quickly match your confidants or friends in the Yubo community. No matter where you are in the world, you can use the app and communicate with other users through live chat, live streaming, and more. All activities in Yubo are free, very intuitive and easy to view, minimizing complex operations. You don’t need to spend too much time figuring out how to use it.


Features of this app

Powerful streaming platform

Live streaming is the most important function and form of this application. On this platform, you can show your appearance, voice and other talents or special abilities, correctly and completely introduce yourself, in order to better meet new friends.

With Yubo, you can share every moment of your life with other friends in the community through the app’s Stream feature or by sharing your own YouTube channel instead of stiff photos and text.


New lenses and new interface

Yubo has partnered with Snapchat to launch a unique Lens feature. With this feature, you can video chat with any of your friends on Weibo simply by turning on your phone’s camera. And this function can make your face more beautiful, get a more perfect appearance, you can take pictures through it and share with your friends. You can also turn on Lens while you’re live streaming and face your friends on the other end of the network with a beautiful face.

Just launch the app and you will get a more beautiful version of yourself. This is an important goal of Yubo to serve users. So far, it has done an excellent job at this task.


Unique Swipe feature

This Swipe button in Yubo help you select or search for people in a certain field. Based on your selection and search, the app will automatically detect users with tags similar to yours in that area and provide you with search results. Yubo will find many people around the world who have similar interests and tastes to you so that you can take the next steps to make friends.

No matter what your interests are, no matter how unique you are, such as reading, traveling, dancing, fitness, yoga, playing music, singing, or people like LGBT, you can find it all at Yubo.


Mini games help you find real friends

In order to make friends get to know each other faster and to create a collision of souls, Yubo has developed a mini-game to help you find someone you are more compatible with. The most classic and popular game is To be Honest – a fun and exciting quiz game using words, pictures and drawings. Through this game, you can know whether the other person has the same ideas as you, whether he is an interesting person, and whether he is worth making friends with.


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