ZArchiver Pro V1.0.8 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

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A versatile and unique file management application, supports most compressed file formats, and you can set passwords for important files.

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Application introduction

If you often need to deal with documents in your daily work. There are a lot of files not only in your laptops, but also in your smartphones, then you need a versatile app like Zarchiver Pro to help you manage your files.

ZArchiver Pro

Introduce about ZArchiver Pro

It is an file management program that includes managing backups in archives. Its interface is simple and functional. The application does not have access to the Internet, so it cannot transmit any of your information to other websites or people, which is quite safe.

ZArchiver Pro

What is ZArchiver?

Since the advent of Winrar software for computers, the practicality and excellent quality of the software have been loved and supported by a large number of users. Now, there’s an app for mobile that does the same thing: Zarchiver. The file management app has been downloaded more than 100 million times and has received millions of positive reviews from real users around the world. Its emergence is a good solution to the troubles that have plagued users for a long time.

Files that we download in Zip, RAR, or other formats often need to be unzipped to see the exact content. However, this operation can only be done on a computer, as Android devices usually do not support these features. Most of the time you will receive a bounced file message or a “not supported” notification, which got us into trouble in many cases.

This is why Zarchiver was born, it can help a large number of mobile platform users solve this problem, especially Android users.

ZArchiver Pro

ZArchiver and ZArchiver Pro

The application does a pretty good job of compressing and extracting files. There are currently two versions of the app: Zarchiver and Zarchiver Pro, each containing different features for different objects with different user needs.

The pro version is only $1.6, and the regular version is free. Players can choose and purchase as needed, rotating the experience freely, rather than forcing users to purchase paid versions like many other applications on the market.

ZArchiver Pro

Advantages and functions

Supports most compressed file formats

Zarchiver supports the vast majority of compressed files, such as 7z, zip, rar, xz, gzip, ISO, Lzma, Tar, RPM, DMG, IMG, Zipx, etc. Almost all standard formats can be used. All you have to do is select the files you want to extract, perform a few simple operations, and Zarchiver will automatically sort the root directory or the format of the specified folder. It is worth mentioning that it also allows users to compress files with fewer supported formats. For example: 7z, Zip, Tar, XZ, Gzip, Lz4 or ZST, designed to provide users with more perfect and intimate service.

ZArchiver Pro

Optimize file storage tasks

If the user needs to compress some confidential files or files containing important personal sensitive information, then the user can set a password when the compression, to ensure that the privacy will not be leaked.

This is an extremely important and distinctive feature, as other file management apps on mobile platforms often don’t have this feature. With this optimization, users can now save important documents without any worries.

ZArchiver Pro

File preview function

In addition, the developers have added the ability to preview files before compression, which means that users can see the full contents in advance without having to decompress them, but this is only for small files with storage capacity of less than 10MB. In this way, if you have too much information to process every day, this feature can help you save time and effort.

ZArchiver Pro

Cloud storage

Zarchiver also has a useful convenience feature that allows users to back up, move, cut, copy or edit files. And it’s all automatically stored in the cloud, which is very convenient.

ZArchiver Pro

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