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Zen Relax V5.5.2.1 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

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Reasons for recommendation

Zen Relax is a tool that can bring you happiness, it can help you meditate, provide inspirational quotes and music to make you feel truly relaxed. It can also detect your mental and emotional state and give you effective advice.

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Application introduction

If you want to live a happier, healthier, more balanced, and calmer life, Zen Relax is the right choice for you. As Google’s “Best App of 2016”, Zen Relax offers diverse and constantly updated content and features such as: Guided Meditation, Relaxation, Deep Sleep, Improve Mood, Reduce Anxiety, Reduce Stress, Focus on Work and more.

Introduce about Zen Relax

Zen Relax is a tool that can bring happiness to users, guiding you to meditate, relax, sleep well, control anxiety, breathe, and help you live your ideal life. The app brings you useful meditation modes, inspirational music, soothing sounds for the mind.

Zen Relax

Features of Zen Relax

Analyze each person’s different situations

First, the unique functionality of the application analyzes users on a case-by-case basis and gives corresponding scores based on a test, which represent the user’s level. Based on this score, the app will give you a series of valuable, actionable suggestions to help you develop good habits.

Help you adjust your mood

After analyzing the data and basic situation, the application will guide you in the right direction of improvement, which can highlight your needs. As long as you work in this direction, you can balance your emotions so that you gradually feel happier, more optimistic, and more positive than before.

Zen Relax

Modern music

Zen Relax provides a lot of new modern music, they are all songs that can make you live a positive life, or some interesting songs that can make people feel happy. Users can freely choose their favorite music source and play it directly. Let music give you strength and face life with a smile.

Inspirational quotes

The app uses funny sayings and inspirational quotes to motivate every user. These proverbs can trigger users’ thinking, remind users to always pay attention to the beautiful things in life, stay optimistic, and love every minute and every second of life. Of course, users can also add their favorite quotes and sayings to this app to better motivate themselves.

Users can use Zen Relax to make fun, light-hearted videos. Through video to express mood and emotions, the user’s mood will be greatly relieved, and will feel very comfortable. Videos with different themes bring different feelings, allowing you to relax and enjoy a pleasant life. These videos are constantly being upgraded and added to better serve all users and meet their different needs.

Zen Relax

Mood test

The app also offers mood tests to check if your health and mental state have improved. Through these tests, we have a better understanding of our health and get effective ways to improve it. Testing can comprehensively assess our current health status. In addition, Zen Relax also provides interesting videos through which users can track their emotional state and measure their emotional index. What’s more interesting is that the app can also detect your sleep quality and provide you with effective methods and suggestions for improving your sleep.

Helpful meditation

Meditation will be appropriately divided into several levels for each age group to suit different needs. Through calm meditation, you will immerse yourself in relaxing moments that are exclusive to you, thereby improving mood and reducing anxiety and stress.

Zen Relax

ASMR Audio

This is a very novel feature, these audio is very calm, particularly decompressing, often used for spiritual massage, can be a good way to help users relax and deep sleep. When you can’t sleep at night, you might as well start Zen Relax and listen to an ASMR audio!

Binaural beat therapy

This beat has the perfect frequency to help you release endorphins, boost your intelligence and mood, and more.

Zen Relax

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