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Zinitevi V1.5.0 MOD APK (No Ads)

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Reasons for recommendation

It is a player that supports online and offline video watching, bringing you a high-definition video viewing experience. It has many functions and it is simple and convenient to use.

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Application introduction

Zinitevi is an app that helps you watch and download your favorite TV shows on your mobile device, and is also an online and offline video player. If you like to watch TV but don’t have enough time, download Zinitevi, every feature of it can bring you a comfortable experience.

Introduce about Zinitevi

An app for watching and downloading quality TV shows on your phone!

What is Zinitevi?

Zinitevi is an application used to download TV shows and movies. You can watch TV shows online on Zinitevi without spending any money, or download them to your device for offline viewing, which is very convenient.

Zinitevi can be quickly installed on devices even without jailbreaking,, and root Zinitevi is very compatible and can be used on a variety of devices, including:Android phones, Xbox, MiBox, Roku, AirPlay, MacBook, laptops, and PCs.

Highlight features and advantages

Watch all TV shows in HD quality

One of the best features of the Zinitevi app is that it offers you content in HD 720p or 1080pp and you can also watch the latest released movies and TV shows without having to wait for a long time.

Everything in Zinitevi is neatly arranged in its corresponding categories, making it very convenient whether you are looking for your favorite TV or rearranging it according to your preferences, or simply enjoying the content available on the app.

Smart search feature

Just enter a few keywords, Zinitevi will automatically display the most searched results. When you watch or download any video, the app automatically records to learn more about your TV viewing tastes and preferences and proactively provide you with a list on the home page (the latest list provided for you) that is more relevant to your preferences recommended videos. These lists will be updated regularly several times a day, and the videos you watch are always up to date.


Many kinds of videos

Zinitevi has thousands of movies and TV shows in various genres such as action, romance, horror, comedy, sci-fi and adventure, as well as cartoons and anime. There are so many types, no matter what type you want to watch, you can find the right one.

This App also provides you with effective personal management tools. When you stumble upon a movie that you really like, you can put it on your favorites list so you can keep watching it whenever you want. Every time a new episode or season comes out, the app will send you a notification.

Subtitle feature

When you watch a video you can choose from subtitles in 15 different languages. In almost any country and city in the world, you can find the correct subtitles when watching TV series.

Download videos to watch offline

This is an important feature, and it’s what sets this TV viewing app apart from other apps. If your Internet connection is very unstable and you have enough phone memory, you can download your favorite shows or movies at will.


Easy to use app

This app is very simple to operate, and there are no complicated steps to start your viewing journey. Even older users, such as your parents or grandparents, can easily use it. And the user interface is also very beautiful and simple.

Another main features

  • Sync favorites and history to the cloud.
  • Ability to enjoy content without logging in.
  • Add subtitles for videos.

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