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Zooba is bustling and the fierce battles are as good as any battle royale game. In the process of playing as an animal, you will discover the crazy "animal part" of yourself.

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Application introduction

Zooba is bustling and the fierce battles. Get ready for a wild and uproarious adventure in the heart of the animal kingdom with Zooba, an action-packed game developed by the innovative minds at Wildlife Studios. Zooba takes the battleground to the jungle, where a frenzied group of animals engages in an all-out brawl for supremacy.

As a standout title in the action genre, Zooba showcases Wildlife Studios’ dedication to delivering fast-paced, competitive gameplay that combines strategy, skill, and pure chaos. Join the animal fray, unleash mayhem, and stake your claim as the king of the jungle in this exhilarating mobile gaming experience.


Introduction about Zooba

1.Basic information

Zooba, available on various mobile platforms, stands as a testament to Wildlife Studios’ prowess in creating dynamic and engaging action games. As a game development studio known for its commitment to innovation, Wildlife Studios introduces players to a world where animals become fierce competitors in a no-holds-barred battle royale. Zooba promises players an adrenaline-fueled gaming experience that not only tests their combat skills but also offers a unique and entertaining twist on the battle royale genre.

2.Setting and Origin

The game unfolds in the heart of a vibrant jungle, where a cast of charismatic animal characters battles for supremacy in a contest of wit and strength. Wildlife Studios conceived Zooba with the vision of providing players with a lighthearted and entertaining take on the battle royale concept. The origin of Zooba lies in Wildlife Studios’ dedication to creating games that capture the imagination, bringing the unpredictable nature of the animal kingdom to the forefront of mobile gaming.

Outstanding features

1.Frenetic Battle Royale Action

Zooba plunges players into the heart of the action with its frenetic battle royale gameplay. Engage in fast-paced, real-time battles against other players in a vibrant and unpredictable jungle setting. The game’s mechanics ensure that every match is a dynamic and intense experience, where strategy, quick thinking, and precise aiming are essential for survival.

2.A Diverse Cast of Playable Animals

Zooba features a diverse roster of charismatic animals, each with its own unique abilities and playstyle. From agile meerkats to powerful gorillas, players can choose their favorite character and harness its strengths in the heat of battle. The varied selection of animals adds depth to the gameplay, allowing for diverse strategies and playstyles.


3.Strategic Gameplay and Team Dynamics

While Zooba is a free-for-all brawl, strategic gameplay and team dynamics play a crucial role in achieving victory. Players can form teams with friends or random allies in real-time matches, fostering a cooperative element in the chaotic jungle arena. Collaborate with teammates, devise tactics, and outsmart opponents to emerge as the last animal standing.

4.Dynamic Environment and Power-ups

The jungle setting of Zooba is not just a backdrop; it’s a dynamic environment that adds an extra layer of strategy to the gameplay. Players must navigate through lush landscapes, utilize cover, and adapt to changing conditions as the battle progresses. Discover and use power-ups strategically, turning the tide of battle in your favor with boosts, health potions, and other valuable items.


5.Customizable Characters and Skins

Zooba allows players to personalize their animal characters with a range of customizable skins and accessories. Showcase your style and stand out in the jungle with unique outfits, hats, and accessories for your chosen animal. The customization options add a touch of individuality to each player’s character, enhancing the overall visual appeal of the game.

6.Leveling Up and Progression

As players engage in battles and emerge victorious, they earn rewards and experience points that contribute to leveling up. Leveling up unlocks new characters, enhances existing abilities, and provides access to additional customization options. The progression system ensures that players are constantly rewarded for their skill and dedication, offering a sense of achievement with each level gained.


7.Leaderboards and Competitive seasons

Zooba features leaderboards that track the performance of players globally. Compete for top ranks, climb the leaderboard, and showcase your skills as the ultimate jungle champion. The game introduces competitive seasons with unique rewards, ensuring that there’s always a new challenge and incentive for players to strive for excellence.


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