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Zoomerang V2.9.8.2 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

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Reasons for recommendation

Zoomerang uses the power of artificial intelligence to create a new trend in video editing, with powerful functions and simplicity of use.

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Application introduction

Zoomerang is an AI-powered video editing app that allows you to complete many video editing operations on your phone, making the work you create natural and unique.

Introduce about Zoomerang

Zoomerang is a powerful and easy to use video creation app that brings new trends in video editing thanks to the power of artificial intelligence.


Unique AI video editing

I’m sure you’ve seen many AI photo editing apps, but apps for editing videos are still rare. If you’ve ever wondered how artificial intelligence plays a role in video editing compared to traditional editing techniques, Zoomerang will tell you the answer.

Zoomerang is a video editing app that leverages the power of artificial intelligence, is highly compatible, and can also beautify your videos. It’s like a miniature mobile studio with all the features you need to make your videos even better. After the video is finished, you can quickly share the newly created video on social networking platforms or save it to your computer with the best image effects and sound quality.

Zoomerang has been downloaded by more than 25 million users and is arguably a very popular video editing app.


Functions and characteristics

Lots of interesting templates

Generally speaking, the process of video editing is very troublesome, and the video editing application will occupy a lot of memory, the operation is also very complex, so almost all mobile devices can not support. If you’re a person who likes to edit videos and post and share them on social networks, this should upset you.
But now, with Zoomerang, a video editing app that integrates modern artificial intelligence, it can help you solve these problems and help you complete the creation of your video in an easy way.


Zoomerang offers a large number of beautiful templates. Just simply search for your favorite video style by entering the hashtag in the community section of the app, and the template will appear corresponding to the search keyword. These templates are created and shared by previous users, so you can download and use them freely, so you don’t need too much brainstorming to get a perfect video.

If you don’t like one of these templates, or if you see a video on Tiktok that you really like, you can submit the template to the app. Zoomerang’s creative team will review, create and upload video templates to the user community, so you can use the ones you really like.


Perfect use of the power of artificial intelligence

Zoomerang maximizes the role of AI in video editing, with almost all features available. You don’t need to manually edit and manipulate each tool as you would with a traditional video editing app, all you need to do is select features, adjust levels, and a few details, and then you’ll have a complete work.

Zoomerang offers a collection of more than 30 customizable fonts that you can choose to add to your videos to suit your video style, you can add shadows, borders, and make text transparent. There are many templates for you to choose from, and you can add dynamic or static stickers to your videos to make your videos more interesting.


If you need more advanced features, Zoomerang supports changing backgrounds and removing objects from videos, which is definitely a feature you need. The intelligent AI will help you separate the available background in the video frame and replace it with other background images you like provided in the app. If there is an object in the video that you don’t like or that is superfluous, you can flag it and remove it. This process does not affect the surrounding objects and the environment, and the resulting effect is very natural.
In addition, video segmentation, inversion and transformation functions can make your work more attractive and smooth.


AI beauty feature

In Zoomerang, you can use face beautification to make yourself more fabulous, or you can add makeup effects to make your face more attractive.


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